Role of IoT in Smart Waste Management Solution

IoT-enabled waste management is making waste practices in cities more sustainable. IoT or the Internet of Things is a technology, implemented in the modern waste management process to increase operational efficiency and keep large cities clean. The major advantage of IoT application in smart waste management involves the measurement of fill level through sensor and optimisation of the collection routes based on the fill levels of bins. 

How IoT Works?

  • A load of waste may vary depending on the season, day, or week. IoT application improves the overall scenario of waste collection, by giving insight to the sanitation staff into the fill levels of the disposal units.   
  • When garbage bins are enabled with IoT sensor and connected with the internet, they can collect information about the fill level, location, temperature, and others that are useful to the sanitation department. It provides a user interface that helps reveal the locations for immediate waste collection. In addition to the locations, IoT offers an automated route plan that enables the waste collection services to reach and collect waste quickly. 
  • Along with optimising logistics operations and minimising fuel consumption with an automated waste collection plan, IoT records the data like how many times the disposal units are emptied and how fast they become full. It collects a vast amount of real-time data. Such data can help taking more insightful actions, which may include planning and distribution of the right number of garbage bins that results in a reduced number of incorrect disposal practices. 
  • IoT application in waste bins also can automate the categorisation of waste content, which is a tedious task if accomplished by human beings. A few smart waste bins come with the capability of identifying waste into different categories like paper, glass, metal and plastic. The technology allows the bins to compress the waste of different categories and notify about the fill levels of each category. 

The application of advanced sensor and cloud-based data collection is extremely effective for waste management. Overall, IoT powered waste bins are great solutions to the waste management procedure.