Ergonomic Document Holder

Handling documents on a flat work surface can lead to eyestrain and a stressed posture, which can then introduce long-term eye-strain, neck and spinal injury. An ergonomic document holder works as a reading and writing slope when fit over the top of a keyboard. The document holder helps users to adopt an ergonomic working posture, by positioning the document at a 45-60 degrees angle between the keyboard and the monitor.

ergonomic document holder

Document Holders that Perform Well

An ergonomic document holder comes in varying designs that will not only excite your eyes but also offer excellent performance. These primarily fall into two categories including:

1. Free-Standing: These are created to position beside the monitor screen. The holder should be close to the edge of the screen.

2. In-Line Document Holder: This one holds the document between the keyboard and the monitor screen at a sloping angle in line with the user’s field of vision. With these holders, the user does not have to turn sideways shifting from the screen to the document.

This classic product is excellent for document intensive users in any field. It’s efficient, unique and study design allows it to fit in every work station for proper referencing. It is constructed solidly to handle technical manuals, stapled catalogues and reports, offering the extra advantage of adjusting the height when needed.